Our Difference

At SKY Financial Group, we provide comprehensive/holistic financial planning, wealth management and investment advisory services to clients. Based in Midtown Manhattan, our client base primarily consists of business owners, medical professionals, executives, individuals and families.

We believe that holistic financial planning is about finding the perfect balance between enjoying the lifestyle you desire now and making sure you can always maintain it in the future. Our unique and individual approach is designed to help you maximize and protect everything you have worked for by inspiring you to keep your actions aligned with your goals and values. Our process will empower you with an understanding of where you are and a vision for where you are going, enabling you to align your energy and strategies to accomplish everything you desire. The following formula will help you to better understand how we do this.



In order to accomplish your goals, you first have to know what they are in a real and tangible way. They must be well-thought through and written down in a place where you can see them often so that you always remember what you’re working toward. You also have to know where you are right now in your financial journey, and you must understand the steps that it’s going to take to accomplish your dreams.

Personal Responsibility

In addition to having clarity about your goals and how to accomplish them, you also have to take personal responsibility for the decisions that will lead you closer to them or farther away. It’s like someone who is trying to lose weight taking a day off from exercising. Is that one day going to make or break the goal? Certainly not, but if you make the same decision over and over again, it absolutely will.



Over the years, we’ve worked with enough clients to know that when you pair financial clarity with personal responsibility, that’s when incredible things start to happen. Small goals get accomplished and snowball into bigger goals getting accomplished as well. When you know where you are and where you’re going, and embrace your own role in the process, your energy will naturally align with your goals and objectives, and you’ll accomplish even more than you ever thought possible.